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The true potential of this lake-front property was revealed after a complete removal of overgrown plants and shrubbery. New plantings, the installation of fresh sod, and paver walkways and patios, gave these homeowners a place to entertain guests or just enjoy a sunny afternoon.


Autumn Leaf Landscaping, Inc., can take you through the design process, install the landscape that fits, and maintain it all.

Water Features

Water can have an amazing transforming effect on a landscape. Our professional installation can create a natural and lasting addition to your home's landscape for years to come.

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Outdoor living spaces are a natural compliment to your home and lifestyle. By employing a variety of creative solutions, ranging from cobblestone style paver patios to accent lighting and outdoor fire pits, we can make the transition from your indoor to outdoor world seamless.

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Retaining Walls

Every home is different, so is every yard. Through cutting-edge design, attention to detail, and innovative thinking, we will create the type of wall that fits your space.

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Landscape Maintenance

Be the envy of your neighborhood with our landscape maintenance program. From grounds maintenance and water management to seasonal color and tree care, we can handle every aspect of landscape management. Our goal is to ensure that the value of your landscape investment appreciates through proper care and sustainable enhancements.

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